Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scratch me where it itches

business (biz'nis), n. adj. - n. 1a a thing that one is busy at; occupation, profession, or trade; work: A carpenter's business is building. SYN: vocation, job. See syn. under occupation. b something to be done or attended to: the business of the day. Business comes before pleasure. 2 a matter; affair: Taking chances is sometimes risky business. I am tired of the whole business. 3 buying and selling; commercial dealings; trade: This hardware store does a big business in tools. 4 a store, factory, or other commercial enterprise: They sold the bakery business for a million dollars. SYN:concern. 5 the right to act; responsibility: Other people's business is not your business. 6 the action in a play as distinct from dialogue; things done to make a play seem realistic: Stage directions here call for the business of turning away and lighting a cigarette. 7 Obsolete. busyness.

from The World Book Dictionary edited by Clarence L. Barnhart and Robert K. Barnhart

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